Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Today the brave little hobbit ventured on a glorious journey out of the shire to the beautiful land of breeland. She seen many new things and places she had only read about or heard of in stories. "What a strange place for a hobbit to be" she thought. Despite her fears she pressed on.
After a few days journey she reached the marvelous city of Bree. In the city she met many interesting people and learned many new skills.
In the city she picked up many quests to help her new friends she had met. They took her all over the map fighting and finding things for the people of Bree.
She is now setting up camp outside of the old forest. From the stories and tales of past, she is about to embark on her toughest challenge so far.
She has reached the 18 th level so far and is also progressing well in all 3 of her vocations as an explorer. More tales coming soon!!!

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